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Future Considerations

The initial version of the MASAS for SharePoint system has been in use for over a year now and some issues are definitely cropping up.

Database Refactor

see for detail: 2013 Refactor

Full MASAS History Support

The system only supports a snapshot approach in that any changes that occur to an Entry or Alert may be lost in between polling intervals. If a major caching approach (e.g. single SharePoint Site used by many Sites) is used the history and support for it will need to be considered.

Geometry in Map

The current system shows only the point-based geometry in the map. This is partially a limitation of the ArcGIS for SharePoint but something could likely be done (e.g. store geometry in List as string and render in SilverLight API - consider GeoJSON as well).

Polling Interval

The polling interval is hard-coded to 60 seconds. This value should be configurable by an administrator (in .config).


Attachment Support (supported in v1.1)

The system needs to consider supporting download and upload of attachments. UI impacts will be obvious.

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